Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between "dead soft" and "half hard"?

     A: Dead soft and half hard refer to the temper of the wire. The main difference between the two is the flexibility/ bendability of the wire. Dead soft wire is going to be softer and easier to bend and shape than half hard wire.

Q: Should anything be done to the Argentium Silver to help with the tarnish resistance? 

     A: It is recomended the Argentium Silver be heat treated to activate the tarnish resistance properties of the wire. The silver should be heated at 260F for approximately 20 minutes.

Q: Do you offer recycled silver?

     A: Yes, all of our silver is made from sustainable materials. The Argentium, Sterling and Fine Silvers are made with materials that are recycled/ recovered or made from renewable sources

Q: I am looking for a particular item but do not see it listed. How do I get this item?

     A: Twisted Jewels is always looking for new items to add to our inventory. If there is ever an item you need or want, send us an email to Sales@TwistedJewels.com and we will find the item and get it listed for you!

Q: Do your silver products contain Nickel, Lead or Cadmium?

     A: No! All of our silver wire is free of Nickel, Lead and Cadmium!!

Q: Do you offer returns?

     A: Yes! Please see Our Policies page for more details.

Will you put "gift" on the customs forms for my International order?

     A: No! This is a violation of Federal and International Laws!

Do you have a store location or a catalog?

     A: Twisted Jewels does not have a store front location. We are strictly an online source for your jewelry supplies. Additionally, we do not have a print catalog as we are continuously adding new items to our inventory. This allows us to update the Twisted Jewels website immediately with the new items.